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CenTex SHRM- Identifying and Addressing Imposter Syndrome

  • June 12, 2024
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Dead Fish Grill 2207 Lake Rd Belton, TX


Lisa Novak, SHHR - CEO/Fonder LMNHR


  • How it happens - reviewing various causes, and the populations it impacts (hint: it's everyone)
  • My story - how imposter syndrome cultivated itself in me, and how I see it show up even now
  • Things that impact the effects - spaces and situations that elevate people's imposter syndrome
  • What to do about it - tools, tips, and conversation around how to address our imposter syndrome when it shows up

Group Exercise

  1. Identifying the things that impact your own imposter syndrome
  2. Identifying actions to combat


Lisa Novak is the Owner/Founder of LMNHR, a Fractional HR Leadership and Advisory firm serving the national SMB market, headquartered in Austin, TX. She provides leadership guidance and program development that elevates culture, drives growth, and increases revenue performance for multiple small businesses, primarily in the tech space.

Lisa has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources leadership, helping to build companies as they ramp up for significant growth or organizational change. She’s been responsible for the corporate strategy for acquiring, developing, and retaining talent, providing leadership development, curating effective compensation and benefits programs, driving DEIB, and helping to build positive, high performing cultures. Prior to starting LMNHR, Lisa served on the executive teams for a number of organizations leading HR and Employee Experience for companies including,

RenewData, SigmaTel, and Brooktree through rapid growth, M&A activity, and turnaround situations. Lisa lives with her husband Shawn in Austin, and enjoys time away at their country home, and their University of Texas football season tickets. In her spare time, she is a public speaker and serves on the Board of Directors for Conscious Capitalism’s Austin Chapter, and ACE Academy school for gifted learners.

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