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The goal of LEADHRS is to provide attendees with the tools to become better leaders for your professional career, in your SHRM chapter, and as a Texas SHRM volunteer serving the community.

Attendees of LEADHRS program can expect to learn, define, and develop various leadership skills. Learn impactful ways to develop your teams, build the culture you desire, and become a change management leader.

Module 1 - What is Leadership?
Module 2 - Setting Direction / Strategic Planning
Module 3 - Situational Leadership and Motivation
Module 4 - Creating the Culture You Want
Module 5 - Building an Effective Team
Module 6 - Project Planning

Each Module consists of a 1.5 hour webinar (can be viewed independently) and 1.5 hours of guided group discussion with coaches beginning in February 2023.

Click here to download program overview.

LEADHRS participants will be expected to:

 view webinars either live or independently
 complete application assignments between webinar and guided group discussion
 attend and participate in the guided group discussions with seasoned HR professionals / coaches 

If selected, participants will be requested to promote this program at Texas SHRM events, to their local chapters, and be willing for their headshot / quotes to be used on social media platforms.

Registration for the 2023 class is open to all 2023 chapter presidents and president-elects. 

Upon successful completion of the LEADHRS program, attendees will be recognized at the Texas SHRM Fall Meeting (October 2023) in Fort Worth, TX.

Participation is limited, submit your application early. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. 


Deadline to register: January 31, 2023

Questions?  Email us at

What are LEADHRS class of 2022 graduates are saying about the program?

"My biggest appreciation for the program as a whole, is taking these industry or business tools
and making them applicable down to an individual relationship level…
This program has really pulled these ideas out of the sky and made them tangible for my Chapter, my Board,
even for personal and professional relationships. I think being able to break these tools down and use them at smallest of levels
is a much better way to develop their validity and applicability. Once you can use them on a small scale, it seems much easier
to scale them up to be able to employ them in the work setting to affect change.  Many thanks to all that made this possible,
but especially for Texas SHRM and Rick Robinson!"- Jessica Lennerton , BV-SHRM 

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a high-quality continuous leadership training program. 
The value and take aways each month were actionable, specific and moved the needle for execution
as a Chapter President and HR professional. Each month there were tools for leadership worth sharing with my team
and the follow-up coaching enhanced the experience. Because of this training, I am a stronger leader and take with me
everyday improved leadership habits and greater ability to articulate the language of leadership.”- Pamela Carroll, Hill Country