From the Director

It’s Time

Over the last two years, I have witnessed our Human Resources profession move the HR needle in Texas.
Our volunteer SHRM leaders are at the forefront fueling their local chapter members, organizations and
communities from Amarillo to Brownsville, El Paso to Beaumont. Our state has the highest number of
SHRM Certified HR Professionals across the United States by thousands. Our local membership numbers
are climbing. Our Texas SHRM State Council has received another Platinum award. We have
increased our collaborative efforts with other state groups and associations. Exceptional conferences
and professional development offerings are as strong as ever. All of these accomplishments exist
because our volunteer SHRM leaders said it’s time:

• to give back to the profession,
• to do worthy and meaningful work alongside others similarly passionate,
• to educate our local legislators for the betterment of both employees and employers,
• to influence decisions to positively impact businesses,
• to build amazing workplaces,
• to mentor our emerging professionals,
• to increase our leadership capacity,
• to lead others in a new direction, and
• to shake things up.

If you aren’t a volunteer at a local chapter, it’s time for you to join a chapter, meet the President and get
involved. If you have served in the past, thank you, now it’s time for you to reconnect and recruit others.
If you are new to Texas, join a chapter – it’s time for you to meet your next family.

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