Emerging Professionals

Melissa Carrillo PHR, SHRM-CP

 Emerging Professionals Director


Emerging Professionals Chapter Plan 2018-2019

Professionals in any career choice start somewhere and grow through their experience.
However, this plan is designed to help Texas chapters create a clear and identified path for
emerging HR professionals that might help them move through their career much more

Whether a recent college graduate ready to emerge into the workforce, or whether a
professional seeking a career change, this plan shall provide information that will properly
guide emerging professionals in a way that will help to ensure a successful career in the HR

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EP Chapter Plan 2018_2019


“Emerging Professionals”  July 2018 Update

Do you remember what it was like for you to find your first HR job? Remember when you were about to graduate and you thought all your dreams were about to come true? For many of you, they did! For many others…you may still be in pursuit of those dreams. And that’s okay.

When in college, our counselors talk about relevant classes and grade point averages. But what they do not talk about is the actual experience needed to transition from the classroom to the workforce. Richard Blancas, recent college graduate and current HR intern says: “The most difficult issue I have encountered in transitioning from graduating, in my diligent search for an HR position, was realizing my education and years of work experience has appeared as having little impact on being qualified to merely enter the HR profession.” But how can that be? We are taught that education and experience is the exact recipe needed to foster success?!?

As an HR executive, and one who hires HR professionals frequently, the issue is this: many recent graduates do not have work experience that is relevant to the HR profession. You may have management experience…you may have experience dealing with employees who do not get along. But do you have TRUE HR experience that helps to set you apart from the other candidates fighting for the same job?

If you are serious about joining this world we call HR, you must commit to the work experience that will define you from the others. If you are not fortunate to have already worked in the HR profession, but you are passionate about this field and have chosen to major in it…then you must gain the experience that will help you stand out. You need an internship!!!! You may, or may not, be paid for the internship experience, but the knowledge and skills you gain will be invaluable and worth more than any temporary penny will pay.

As the Emerging Professionals CLA for TXSHRM, I strive to assist those who want to enter the HR profession post-graduation, or as a change in career field. We value individuals committed to this field, and we want to do what is necessary to make that connection. Previously the Young Professionals (YP) committee, the new Emerging Professionals (EP) committee is looking for volunteers who want to serve on the state committee that will help to foster and cultivate the skills necessary for HR success.

For information on how to join this committee, advance your career, or assist in the transition, please reach out to me at melcarrillo@epcounty.com.

We have all been in that place where our choices either make or break our next turn. Help me in helping others MAKE the turn, rather than break it. Together we are responsible for growing the HR profession…join me in continuing that growth!


Spring 2018

All professionals start somewhere…and it is usually at the beginning! Through education, experience, resource sharing and connections, our seasoned Texas HR professionals have risen and come forth to take the HR field one step further.

Whether you are a college student who is ready to emerge into the workforce, or whether you are a professional seeking a career change, our committee is committed to providing you with the tools needed to be a successful professional in the HR career:

  • Education:
    • Whether it is formal classroom education, online webinars, or chapter workshops, education in the HR profession is important for emerging leaders to develop the operational skill, knowledge and abilities needed to successfully perform.
  • Experience:
    • Emerging leaders excel when a combination of education and tactical experience is gained! Professional internships, job shadowing and other tools can be used to provide this much needed and valuable experience.
  • Resource Sharing:
    • Serving as ONE HR professional team in Texas, our committee believes in the long lasting value of resource sharing. When our emerging leaders are beginning their career, they may not always have an idea of where to go to begin a particular project; however, when able to share resources with those who have already been down that path, our emerging leaders gain insight on how best to move a project or endeavor forward!
  • Connections:
    • Most importantly, our committee is excited to help your emerging leaders connect with those seasoned professionals who have been in the field for some time now. We believe that the future of this field depends largely on those who come behind us, and as a result we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and growing the new and emerging talent!

TEXAS SHRM is committed to helping local chapters create, or enhance their current strategy when it comes to developing successful HR professionals! This is done when chapters create plans that will focus on the mission at hand – cultivate your emerging leaders!!

As your Emerging Professionals Director, I am committed to helping you connect with those that are starting out in the profession of HR that we love and respect so much. Should you need any information on the formation of such plan, or should you need help connecting with emerging professionals in your area, please reach out to us at melcarrillo@epcounty.com. We look forward to working with you on the development of your emerging talent!


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