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Maria Garate

Maria Garate

SHRM Foundation 2017 Snapshot

The Vision:

Empowered HR professionals building inclusive organizations where all employees thrive and organizations achieve success.

In 2016 The Texas State Council raised $11,816.32! Thank you for your hard work and your continued support of the Foundation! The Texas State Council ranked 8th in the nation in fundraising.

Congratulations also to the following Chapters that ranked in the top 25 in the nation in fundraising efforts for the Foundation:

HR Houston       El  Paso SHRM       Dallas HRMA

     San Antonio HRMA        Austin HRMA           


The Foundation provides almost 300 different scholarships to help develop and support HR professionals. A list of scholarships and deadlines can be found here:

2 New Initiatives for 2017:

The Aging Workforce

Engaging and Integrating Military Veterans

Chapter Opportunity for 2017:

If you are a SHRM chapter or state council leader, we invite you to join us in the aging workforce initiative by sharing these resources and helping to educate your members. Simply follow these five steps by the end of 2017, then register your state or chapter as an Aging Workforce Partner. You will earn a special digital award badge to display on your website. The following supporting material can be found on the SHRM National website under Foundation:

  1. Make a commitment to participate. Designate a chapter or council champion (e.g. SHRM Foundation Director, Workforce Readiness chair or past president) to coordinate and lead these activities.
  2. Poll your members (optional). Use the SHRM Preparing for an Aging Workforce Chapter Survey to compare your members’ readiness for the aging workforce to the national survey fielded by SHRM. Share and discuss the results with your members. 
       * Download the survey questions.
  3. Present the 10-minute PowerPoint presentation at a chapter or state council meeting. The provided presentation will explain why this issue is important, how to take action and where to find resources.                      
       * Download the presentation (PowerPoint)
       * Download the speaker notes (pdf)
  4. Post a link to Aging Workforce resources on your website. Make it easy for your members to find the resources they need to address aging workforce issues in their organizations. Add this link to your website today:
  5. Make a difference in your community. Engage your members in a local event or service project to help in your community, raise funds or raise awareness. Examples include (but are not limited to):
  • Offer resume and interview coaching for mature workers
  • Present the short Aging Workforce presentation above to your local Chamber of Commerce or other business group
  • Invite a speaker from SHRM’s Speaker’s Bureau to give a chapter program on “HR and the Aging Workforce: Strategies and Best Practices”
  • Contact your local AARP office to partner on local events
  • Offer a training session on how to conduct workforce planning
  • Provide coaching to members on creating more flexible and inclusive workplaces for older workers
  • Host a fundraising activity to support the SHRM Foundation’s mission of building more inclusive organizations.

Be creative! Your community project could qualify your chapter or state council for a SHRM Pinnacle Award or the SHRM Foundation’s 2017 Innovation Award which will feature a special category for aging workforce projects. For more information view the Aging Workforce mailer for SHRM Chapters and State Councils.

When you have completed these steps, register your chapter or state council as a partner in the Aging Workforce Initiative, then you will receive a special digital award badge to display proudly on your website.

Thank you for your participation!

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For questions about the SHRM Foundation, Donations, or Sponsorship opportunities, please email Shannon or Maria by clicking on their names/images above!

Through a variety of programs, grants, and scholarships, the SHRM Foundation invests in leading‑edge research, publications, and educational initiatives that have a bottom-line payoff for chapters, members, and the organizations they represent. As a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to the SHRM Foundation are tax deductible. Support from the Texas SHRM Foundation Committee will help your chapter:

  • Address critical issues shaping the profession
  • Develop creative fund-raising campaigns
  • Inform members and other organizations about Foundation resources and activities

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