Melissa Carrillo As your Membership Director, I can provide assistance in assuring that your chapter Membership Directors have access to resources necessary to recruit. Provide leadership to member engagement/retention measurement and strategies of chapters.

Setting a membership goal can:

  • Give your chapter a clear measurement of what is expected for the year.
  • Motivates the membership committee and board to achieve the goal.

When setting a goal make sure the goal is SMART.

Specific- How do you plan to achieve the goal, why are you setting the goal, etc.

Measurable- Make sure the goal is quantifiable. Take stats of those in attendance at events. Achievable- Ask yourself if the goal is possible. Realistic- While the goal to increase by 10% sounds great, it might be realistic to strive for a 5% increase.

Timely- Set a deadline to track your progress and to measure the success of the goal.

Setting a membership goal will be the initial start for you to complete your annual SHAPE and Excel Report.  At least one (1) initiative must focus on membership (i.e., acquisition, engagement or retention) for each award level.

Tips to Increase Membership

  • Market where your members are
    • Go where your members are, advertise in HR publications, and network with other professional organizations.
      • For example: Participate in events held by your local Chamber of Commerce.  You can network and encourage business professionals to attend your local meetings.
  • Have a membership drive
    • As part of your chapter initiative, develop an annual membership drive.
      • For example: Give a discount to those business professionals that join your chapter within a certain timeframe or better yet; reward does current members that refer someone to join your local chapter.
  • Keep existing members happy
    • Increasing your membership also includes keeping your current members happy.
      • For example: Develop initiatives and programs that will keep your current members engaged and they will in return refer others to be part of your chapter.
  • Host programs and/or events your members will want to attend
    • Events and/or programs can bring credibility to your chapter and add an opportunity for business professionals to want to be part of the chapter.
      • For example: Recruit new members by allowing current members to bring a guest for free to your program and/or event. Have a dynamic speaker that will provide HR information on a trending topic.

If your chapter has had a membership initiative that has been successful, please share your story by e-mailing me at I would love to share your story with other Chapters.

SHRM Membership

Why Join SHRM?  You will be joining more than 285,000 professionals from around the world who rely on SHRM for their HR solutions.  SHRM is an individual membership organization. Anyone who is involved in HR, supervises the HR function or otherwise has an interest in HR is invited to join.  Click here for more information.

Local Membership

Have you considered joining a local SHRM Chapter? When you join a SHRM-affiliated chapter, you gain access to a local network of HR professionals, as well as professional development programs, products and services in your community that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization.

Chapter Membership Leaders

How can the Membership Director help your chapter? The Texas SHRM Membership Director provides membership assistance and support to local Chapters and offers practical ideas on how to sustain and exceed SHRM membership goals and requirements.

Visit the SHRM Volunteer Resource Center for many resources to assist in your role.  Resources include templates, brochures, metrics and so much more!  Register for quarterly SHRM webinars.