The People Factor

With all the meetings on product/market strategy, equipment investment, production goals and timelines, profit margin, and business necessities, who is taking care of your people? HR–that’s who.

Gone are the days when people were the un-attended factor. Remember when people came to work and did an outstanding job, for little pay and reward, only because it was the right thing to do? Gone are those days. Generally, people are most interested in knowing if their job, environment, even the boss is right for them. If not, they will gladly and quickly move on.

That is why it is critical for HR to be a People Champion, Chief People Officer, a Human Resources Executive—not simply someone cranking out applicants, but someone spending critical time in planning the company’s strategy for the future.

Any good HR person can find people. However, a true HR professional understands the real people-needs.

A true HR Pro…

Knows the People

The HR Pro recruits both internally and externally to identify and promote the best talent. They strategically see performance needs and gaps. They understand that sometimes current employees want to be recruited, too.

Is Highly Effective at Onboarding

The HR Professional engages new people, with the intent of welcoming them to the team and retaining their loyal commitment by showing interest in their person, their goals, their careers, and their hidden talents. They know that when employees become engrossed in, absorbed and fully committed to their work, there is synergy that causes the employee to be energized and fulfilled, while increasing their effectiveness in meeting company goals.

Gives Effective Total Rewards

Total rewards are changing daily. What makes your people happy? The true HR professional knows that boredom is human – some variation in work can change the game for employees who are bored. People want to feel important, stable, and recognized. People also want to feel like they’re going somewhere – advancement opportunity is critical. Anyone happy with stagnancy is probably not someone a progressive employer wants on their team.  If you think a simple paycheck is reward enough, please think again.

SHRM SCP and CP Certification’s largest module is simply called “People.” Can you believe it? The proof is in the research. Happy, satisfied, and engaged people truly are a critical factor in business success, and HR is charged with the responsibility of leading the way. Let your SHRM-certified HR Pro lead – it makes great business sense.


2017 Funding News 

The criteria for the Certification payments for 2017 has changed to the following – it is now based on the number of SHRM certified SHRM members who recertify in 2017. Please be sure to share this info!!

SHRM Chapters and State Councils in good standing will be eligible for enhanced financial support based on the number of SHRM members who recertify between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

  • Chapters in good standing will receive $20 per each chapter member who is a SHRM member in good standing, primarily coded to the chapter, and recertifies for SHRM Certification during 2017
  • State Councils will receive $10 per each SHRM member in good standing (in-chapter and at-large) in the state whorecertifies for SHRM Certification during 2017
  • Payment will be made to affiliates in good standing in early 2018 based on the number of recertified members meeting the above criteria as of December 31, 2017

2016 Funding – Why Your Chapter May Have Received a Check!

If your chapter has received a check in the mail and are wondering where that came from, here is the SHRM chapter funding calculation for 2016.

As a part of the CFSP program, eligible chapters in good standing receive a portion of each primarily coded professional (non-student) SHRM national member’s dues. Primarily coded means the member has chosen your chapter as their primary chapter.  Members can belong to more than one chapter but only have one “primary.” This financial support is provided during the year, via a quarterly payment for 100% chapters (those chapters who require all members to be members in good standing of SHRM) or a twice-a-year payment for non-100% chapters.

2016 4th Quarter CFSP & Net Gains Payment are calculated as follows:

Chapter Financial Support

100% Chapters

$6.25 for each professional SHRM members primarily coded to the chapter as of December 31, 2016.

Non-100% Chapters

$5.00 for each professional SHRM members primarily coded to the chapter as of December 31, 2016.

Net Gain Payments

Calculated by subtracting the 12/31 national membership total for last year from the 12/31 national membership total for the current year and multiplying the difference by $25.00.

Additionally, your chapter also receives a SHRM Certification payment within the same deposit. This payment is calculated based on the number of SHRM members primarily coded to the chapter who are SHRM-certified as of December 31, 2016. We hope this program has aided the efforts of chapters to roll out, support and promote the SHRM competency-based certification and recertification.

2016 SHRM Certification Payment for chapters is calculated as follows:

$20 payment for every current SHRM national member primarily coded to the chapter with either their SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP as of 12/31/16.

LaTonya McElroy, Texas SHRM Certification Director