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Choose Wisely

January 04, 2021 2:44 PM | Dena A Culpepper (Administrator)

Leadership is about our choices. There are consequences and rewards. Some choices bring short term rewards, but long-term consequences, while others have short term consequences, but bring long term rewards.

We may not always have a choice for our environment or situation, but we all have the choice how we respond.

My life has been full of good and bad choices. I have learned from both and each choice has shaped my life. I have also found that I cannot always choose my situation or environment, but I can choose how I respond when life happens.

People can also influence our choices. Both good and bad. Do you remember when you decided to volunteer? Someone probably influenced that choice.

Today, let’s be the leaders that influence others to choose Texas SHRM and be the role models for what good choices look like. It helps with discernment.

And always remember, people are watching our choices in the workplace, in our SHRM Chapters, in our community and in life...

Choose to lead,

Choose to adapt,

Choose to be open minded,

Choose to grow,

Choose to set the expectations,

Choose to listen,

Choose to share,

Choose to be available,

Choose to mentor,

Choose to collaborate,

Choose to inspire,

…and choose to partner with our Texas SHRM community!

Choose wisely… Every choice will shape the future for others in our organizations!

Quote of the Day: If you have health, you have the ultimate wealth.” David Bach

Call to Action: What are you choosing to do in the new year? Share with your team and talk about the importance of choices and set the expectations as a team…and choose to be great!

Help us in 2021… Have you seen volunteers making impact in your chapter? If so, please send to bwaller@goarmstrong.com for a future “MOMENTUM” feature!

Author: Bruce Waller