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The Value of Recognition

July 18, 2022 10:17 AM | Dena A Culpepper (Administrator)

I had the benefit this past week of attending our company’s National Sales and Marketing Meeting in Kansas City and it was such an unexpected blessing! Although I have always understood the value of recognition, this week has taught me even more about how crucial showing appreciation to your people is to both your company as well as you as a leader!  

As Gallup tells, the #1 reason most people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition. We as leaders should strive to find ways to recognize our team members frequently for both the big and small things. This week we heard not only the small and big wins of the sales and marketing teams, but more than anything, the genuine care and concern that each leader has for their people and helping them succeed. I heard about so many weddings, kid accomplishments, milestone birthdays, vacations, and memorable stores all from the leaders as they celebrated their teams on stage. It was evident that those leaders have taken the time to KNOW their people and that means more to people than anything else!

As we think through all our roles in life – spouse, mom/dad, brother/sister, friend, employee, leader, volunteer leader, member of an association, and many others, EXPERIENCE matters more than we all take the time to realize. People in all those different roles want to be seen, known, and cared for as a person and not a number or person that is helping you succeed. When we take the time to stop and recognize someone for the behaviors we want to encourage, we will see those behaviors grow and spread. In addition, when employees or members of an association feel recognized, they stick around! Attraction and retention are harder than ever before and much of that starts with thanking our people. You would be surprised at how a simple thank you fosters an atmosphere of trust and trust leads to connection which leads to retention.

Here are some quick and simple things you can do TODAY to begin recognizing your people better:

  • 1.     Write a simple HANDWRITTEN note to say thank you, happy birthday, happy work anniversary, etc. and snail mail it to them. I do this for our team and its amazing how many people tell me that they had never received a handwritten note from someone at work in their entire career. It’s impactful!
  • 2.     Recognize good attitudes – show them how they are a good example to others!
  • 3.     Be detailed and specific – tie your recognition to a specific behavior or accomplishment.
  • 4.     Tie it back to company or chapter values. When we recognize these key values, others will notice and be inspired to do the same.
  • 5.     Elevate it across your chapter or company. Help your people to have a sense of pride and see how they are part of a bigger vision or goal and how valuable that is!

I hope this encourages you to be better and celebrating your people – it’s not as common as you think and SO EASY! Let’s all start today friends!

By Holly Novak - Chief People Officer for Jack Henry and Assistant State Director - Core Leadership Areas for Texas SHRM


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